My Creative Journey


As a ten-year-old girl, I enjoyed playing music, dancing and playing and being creative with my younger sisters.  I loved reading and camping with my family.  I began recording my life experiences in a diary. In my later teens that diary evolved into a journal, in which I began to explore my thoughts, feelings, perceptions and ideas.  My journals have continued to be a constant companion for me throughout my life, bringing me comfort in a world that is complex and uncertain and a way for me to develop my ideas.  


As a high school student, I began to photograph what I observed and what fascinated me in the world.  I was particularly intrigued with photographing people.  I was fortunate to be able to discover the magic of working with those images in a darkroom that my Dad built for me and I then exhibited my work. Photographing people and nature has been one of my greatest passions and became a source of income for me even at an early age.


As a university student, I continued journaling and photographing and exhibiting and earning money with my photos, and I began to study art and culture. During my mid-twenties, my writing and photography expanded into the world of journalism, and my fascination with nature and people and their lives continued. 


In my late twenties, I immigrated to |Canada as a reprieve from the political turmoil in the United States and in search of a peaceful and beautiful environment in which to live and create a life.  My writing and photography expanded into journalism.  I wanted to find a way to explore the emotions of my inner world other than with my photography and journaling.  I added watercolour painting as a medium of expression in my late 20's and discovered that it helped me give my thoughts and feelings expression and transform them through an alchemical-like process. I refer to my work as “Colours of energy” and I began to exhibit and sell them.


My entrepreneurial spirit also led me outside the world of art, into the fields of wellness, business, marketing, politics and adult education. As I enter a new decade of my life, with much gratitude, I explore the inner, outer and interconnections between my vast life adventures to help me reflect on them with all of my art forms:  camera, paint brush, pen and computer keyboard. My creativity provides me with a great source of pleasure and is a way for me to digest, transform and share my experiences.  I seek ways to integrate all of my interests into my life in a holistic and balanced way.


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